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Tools grinding wheels




Cup wheels :Shape code 6        The wheels are used for sharpening milling cutters,reamers,expanding drills,broaches,paper-cutting kinves,tobacco-slicing kinves,etc.The wheel with diameter in the range 200-250mm can be used for grinding lathe tools.

No.1 dish wheels:Shape code 12a   The wheels are suitable for sharpening milling cutters,reamers,slotting cutters and other cutting tools.The wheels with diameters more than 200mm are mainly used for grinding slotting cutters.

Wheels tapered two sides:Shape code 4    The wheel with diameters in the range 125-300mm are mainly used for grinding sawtooth.

Flaring cup wheels:Shape code 11    The wheels are mainly used for sharpening milling cutters,reamers,broaches,dish-shaped lathe tools,expanding drills,etc.

Wheels tapered one side:Shape code 3    The wheels are suitable for sharpening,milling cutters,reamers,drills,breaching tools,hobbing cutters and slotting cutters.

C-type straight wheels:Shape code 1-C     The wheels are mainly used for repairing and grinding gears and sawtooth.